Términos y Condiciones

In this page we will try to explain you the terms by which you can use kidada.co (our website). We say that we will try because these legal terms are not easy to explain at all, but don´t worry, we have a team of professionals making sure that everything we do is fine with the regulations.

So, what do we do at Kidada? Very simple, we search all over Amazon to spot the coolest stuff, and we present it to you in such a nice and easy way that so you will need almost no time to find out what you want. By using our website (being a registered user or not) we assume you have read and accepted our terms and conditions. If you are a registered user and suddenly you want to delete your account no problem (yes, we comply 100% with the new GDPR requirements), you just need to click XXXXXX and in 15 seconds all we know about you will be gone, and we will be very sad waiting for you to come back and buy with us.

It is important to highlight that we basically pick all the cool stuff on Amazon and present it to you, but we are not the ultimate responsible for the product itself (intellectual property, accuracy of the product, safety). For the same very reason, Kidada is not responsible for price changes, lack of inventory, and delivery related issues.

We designed Kidada under the regulations of the EU Associates Programme Operating Agreement, and by collaborating with Amazon in such agreement Kidada earns some advertising fees (don´t worry, you will pay the best price available, Amazon is the one paying us fees ;-)

Our responsibility

We will take care of having a cool community of people commenting and recommending cool products of our cool selection, but we can not be liable for those comments or recommendations. We reserve our right to delete any content generated by our users If we perceive it as being racist, sexist, obscene, or just not polite.

Your responsibility

Very much aligned with the previous point, if we want to make a cool community we need you to accept following don´ts (very similar probably to what your mama told you not to do at school):

  • Please do not post anything that might go against proprietary rights without the previous permission of the rights owner
  • Please do not post any kind of information related to another person without confirming it previously with that person
  • Please do not posts anything that might degrade or intimidate another human being because of its age, sexuality, belief, race, or disability
  • Please do not post pornographic, abusing, defamatory, or hurtful to children stuff

We really love our customers, and we hope they love us as well, but if for some reason a customer does not follow the list of don´ts explained above we will be forced to delete its account without previous notice. We are sure this will not happen, but our legal team has insisted on writing it here.


If we show you so much cool stuff that you can not stop buying it is not our fault, and you cannot blame us for that! You should know when to stop buying (ideally before your credit card company calls you to do so). Please buy responsibly.

Intellectual Property

All images we use in Kidada are subject to Amazon or its affiliates copyrights, so please ask them for authorization if you are going to use them. However, if you just want to share a Kidada post feel free to do it, we take care of the rest!


At Kidada we are very Hakuna Matata, and we don´t like to argument or dispute or whatever… but in case we need to do it, we like you to know that it will be under the laws of the community of Madrid, Spain. Just double checking that we don´t get into any trouble, you agree to leave Kidada´s employees, partners, and affiliates aside of any claim made by a third party because or your violation of the terms and conditions or our site.


In a nutshell, if you use our site (Kidada.co) it means that you accept our terms. If you don´t accept them please don´t use our site (oh darling, you cannot imagine how much you will be missing out)
Questions? Please send us a note to privacy@kidada.co
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